Langers Ball Bundle

Heartfelt, Rowdy Traditionals & New -The Langer’s Ball

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CD - Langers Ball - As I Roved Out

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CD - Langers Ball - Hard Times in the Country

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CD - Langers Ball - The Devil or The Barrel

Track List : 

  1. Whiskey Chaser
  2. I Know My Love
  3. Johnny Jump Up
  4. Rye Whiskey 
  5. Real Old Mountain Dew
  6. The Little Vagabond
  7. Kick Around
  8. All For Me Grog
  9. Mackey's Daughter 
  10. Fields of Athanry
  11. One More
  12. Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade
  13. Wild Rover Polka 

In stock

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Heartfelt, Rowdy Traditionals & New -The Langer’s Ball

The Langer’s Ball are hometown hero’s for us at The Celtic Croft! Their self described “Irish Folk-Punk” hits harder than you’d expect from a two piece band, but they know how to do it right. If you’re looking for traditional and new drinking songs (and more), The Langer’s Ball won’t let you down! This duo will keep you entertained song after song, and looking to buy the next album!

Bundle includes:

  • FREE SHIPPING If purchased alone or with other Free Shipping items 
  • Album “As I Roved Out”
  • Album “Hard Times in the Country”
  • Album “The Devil or the Barrel”


Why Purchase a CD When I Can Stream for Free?

The Celtic Croft has a wide selection of Scottish, Irish, and Celtic music CD’s. We’re discontinuing many of them, so get one while it lasts! The way we listen to music has changed greatly within the past 20 years. Music streaming not only had a huge negative impact on professional musicians in the earlier years of music pirating, it continues to make it difficult for musicians to make a living. Even though free streaming apps pay artists, they often get only a fraction of a penny for each listen. By purchasing one of our CD’s, you directly support your favorite Celtic, Scottish, and Irish musicians.


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